Welcome to Smart HEMA Clubs. We are a fun and relaxed group in the south west of England, with clubs currently in Wiltshire and Berkshire. Our goal at Smart HEMA Clubs is to make HEMA accessible to all. We focus on practical application of HEMA as a competitive sport whilst keeping it fun.

Whether you are looking to become a competitive fighter or just looking for a fun new hobby, there will always be a place for you at Smart HEMA Clubs. We look forward to meeting you.

Stuart Smart

Owner and Head Coach



We're so happy to announce that as of the 20th August 2020 that we are once again open at our regular times! We look forward to stepping back into the fray and getting back to what we love, and we hope you will come join us. Please register your interest by completing a contact form and let us know when you you are planning on taking a stab at HEMA.

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